Von den Patriots lernen: Herausforderungen annehmen

Ich habe gerade einen alten Artikel von Ex-NFL-Quarterback Phil Simms auf SuperBowl.com wieder entdeckt. Aus gegebenem Anlass möchte ich hieraus zitieren. Simms schrieb diesen Text eine Woche vor dem 2005er Super-Bowl-Sieg der New England Patriots gegen die Philadelphia Eagles:

When there’s a big catch to be made, they make it. When there’s an opportunity to make a big play on defense, they make it. It’s fourth-and-1 and the other team is going for it, and they stop ‚em. That’s the way it’s gone for the New England Patriots for most of the last four years. It is truly amazing.

But it can’t be an accident, and it’s not luck. It’s the way they practice. It’s the expectations they have truly set for themselves in New England. If you watch them in training camp or even during the season, sometimes they have practices in which the coaches demand performances as if they are playing a real game. They criticize and critique their players like it’s a real game. In the process, they have created expectations. The players are conditioned to do that.


Put it this way: They do not go through practice at 70 percent and say, „We’ll turn it on for the game this weekend.“ It’s always on.

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